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Our robust Network Management Systems integrate system management functions at  central location for multiple or separate switch sites.

A Manager Terminal is provided with the capability to command and control multiple switch sites simultaneously.
A System Administrator at a Manager Terminal can simultaneously select multiple sites and seamlessly exercise site control.
Multiple Manager Terminals can be supported at the centralized control location. Operating independently, each capable of controlling any mix of switch sites.
Alarm/Monitor Terminals display alarms and can be supported at the central control with each terminal independently assigned a group of sites to monitor.
Visual and audible indications alert the System Administrator to new alarm conditions, who can access the site for detailed alarm information.

Designed to monitor, control and manage the operational integrity of a network, it provides the user with:
              Fault management
              Configuration management
              Accounting management
              Performance management
              Security management



Effective Management of Network Infrastructure is Crucial. An always-on network is no longer optional—it's a requirement.  We understands this requirement and are committed to keeping networks up-and-running. Our effectiveness in network management is rooted in our commitment to service excellence, and multi-vendor capabilities.

Our Network Management Services will optimize your network operations by providing a structure of services that address 24 x 7 x 365 network monitoring, fault and incident reporting, problem resolution, proactive fault and performance recommendations, performance and configuration management, third-party service provider coordination and detailed monthly management reports.

These services optimize your network and provide easy access to the technical and hardware support necessary to continually deliver full value to your customers. This is accomplished at a predictable, competitive and affordable price. We provide flexibility in network management by offering various levels of service.

Our Network Management Services improve the availability of your network, reduce fixed and operational cost, and assume day-to-day network operations. These services effectively address all technologies in the network, from existing systems to voice/data convergence, protecting customers' investments and ultimately providing peace of mind.

We provide a full suite of services, giving the customer flexible network management selection. The customizable structure of these offerings allows customers to integrate only the services that best meet their short- and long-term network management goals.

We design and implement network operations centers (NOCs) and develop tailored end-to-end configuration management and fault isolation solutions that let you proactively monitor and control your networks.


Our services include:
network analysis,
end-user training.
Network integration services & network engineering expertise.

Get in touch with us if you require more information about NMS

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