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United Communications Ltd is focused on being a pioneer in providing seamless telecommunication solutions across broadband and wireless networks in the development of telecom systems to focus on the markets of Africa and Latin America with technologies that make a sustainable impact on the lives of the common man by creating a concept of accountability for the governments through e-governance.

Our operations hub at Mauritius intends to utilize the friendly business environment and relationship the Island of Mauritius shares with Africa and the rest of the world as a launch pad to Africa and into Latin America and in doing so building a sustainable business model to cater to these markets and their connectivity needs.

We are developing and acquiring suitable technologies designed to provide seamless enterprise/government connectivity across every department/ministry in the target markets - Africa , Central & Latin America..

The entire African continent presents itself one of the highest growth markets in the world for telecom development currently. And Mauritius presents itself as an ideal hub for prototyping and testing emerging technologies for rural African marketplace. The telecommunications market has grown by leaps and bounds over the last five years and the growing need for convergence in Voice,Video, Data/Internet has now ‘kickstarted’ this market.

Vision for Mauritius
We are firmly committed to investing, transferring technologies, and building local manufacturing and R&D capabilities in Mauritius which will provide Mauritius with advanced communications capabilities.
We will continue our long-term plan to localize management in Mauritius and to develop and train outstanding local management. We will continue to work with global partners to create a comprehensive supply chain. We seek joint ventures and cooperative projects with partners across Africa & Latin Americas to probe our new market initiatives to integrate as many networks in the target markets.
One of our prime objectives is to consolidate R&D developed.
The company's Mauritius strategy is to build Mauritius into a world-class production and R&D base. We are on the pursuit to maintain a market leadership in infrastructure equipment for Africa and will continually develop businesses in broadband products, solutions and services.

The company follows a methodical approach to any new project implementation:
Choosing appropriate technology based on the requirements of the specific customers in Africa and Latin America.
Customization based on the country requirement assessed and the costs estimated
Based on assessment, suitable domain expertise and products will be acquired.
Hardware, Software, System customization shall be carried out at the vendor's dedicated facility before shipment to United Communications Ltd.
The “system” is only shipped to customer when the customer is entirely happy with the quality and confirmance to specifications.

Please get in touch. We will be delighted to share our experience with you..








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