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We are hiring !

Vacancies/Focus Africa - Marketing Team:
We seek professionals with experience in doing business with emerging markets in Africa and Latin Amercia. Likely candidates should have worked for upwards of 3-5 years in ICT, Telecom, Communications industry. People with commercial experience in pre-sales, marketing of communications products preferred.

Responsibilities include:
Identifying potential sources, customers, markets and products to develop.
Enhancing existing and new relationships.
Providing commercial conditions to minimise risk and maximise market presence and returns.
Managing the execution of the transactions until delivery and payment have been completed.
Communicating effectively with our existing network of companies, vendors and suppliers to enable them to carry out their duties and reach their own and mutual targets.
Dealing with all queries, suggestions and complaints from clients and suppliers.

Please send your resume or curriculum vitae to jobs@united.com.mu


We seeks highly motivated individuals to support us as project administrators. Knowledge of international marketing, banking and computer skills is essential as are good communication skills.

Please send your resume or curriculum vitae to jobs@united.com.mu

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