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Dense Wave Division Multiplexer Technology (DWDM)

As the capacity of systems grow and with technologies advancing, allowing closer spacing, and higher numbers of wavelengths - our DWDM 32s are designed to provide the bandwidth for large amounts of data, moving beyond transport to become the basis of all-optical networking with wavelength provisioning and mesh-based protection.

Switching at the photonic layer enables this evolution, as will the routing protocols that allow light paths to traverse the network in much the same way as virtual circuits do today.

With our DWDM 32 technology, advances are converging such that an all-optical infrastructure can be envisioned - an infrastructure, using mesh, ring, and point-to-point topologies at the optical layer to support the needs of enterprise, metropolitan access, and metropolitan core networks.(See also Metro Area Networks)


 The United Communications Ltd - DWDM-32 system is a DWDM optical transmission system that supports up to 40 wavelengths as per ITU-T Grid wavelengths.The system can be smoothly configured as per Customer requirements for transmission capacities of 10Gb/s, 20Gb/s, 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s. The system can be configured for short haul,
Long haul & extra long Haul applications. FEC Technology is adopted to provide improved optical signal/noise ratio by approximately 5 dB to realize ultra long span transmission.

Applications and Services using DWDM Technology

The metropolitan network market is nascent across the developing areas in Africa, which will be driven by demand for new application services and the introduction of high speed access.

Applications that can be structured in such a network include e-commerce transactions, packetized voice, and streaming multimedia. New services, primarily to the enterprise, include interconnecting and consolidating data centers, transparent extension of the LAN across the MAN by connecting geographically disparate locations using wavelengths over dark fiber, a trend towards SAN architecture, the server-less office, real-time transactions backup, and high-speed disaster recovery.

For service providers, new services include support for access technologies such as DSL, cable, and wireless (which still requires a land-based transport infrastructure) and wavelength leasing or wavelength-on-demand.

Two of the most important applications for DWDM technology in the MAN are in the areas of SANs and SONET migration.

Storage Area Networks
Storage area networks (SANs) represent the latest stage in the evolution of mass data storage for enterprises and other large institutions. In host-centric environments, storage, as well as applications, was centralized and centrally managed. With the advent of client/server environments, information that was previously centralized became distributed across the network. The management problems created by this decentralization are addressed in two principal ways: network attached storage (NAS), where storage devices are directly attached to the LAN, and SANs.

Distance limitation can be overcome by transporting data between one or more enterprise locations and one or more SANs over the optical layer using DWDM - the distance separating the enterprise location and the SAN sites can be greatly extended,
DWDM can also reduce fiber requirements in SANs. By multiplexing channels over DWDM transport, significant savings can be realized.

Migration from SONET/SDH
SONET is an “agnostic” protocol that can transport all traffic types, while providing interoperability, protection schemes, network management, and support for a TDM.

Upgrading SONET is expensive, as line-rate specific network elements are required at each point of traffic ingress or egress.

Our DWDM technology can be used to increase the capacity of embedded fiber, while preserving SONET infrastructure, offering an alternative to expensive SONET upgrades.

Migration from SONET to DWDM is an most important application. Migration begins by replacing backbones with DWDM, and then moving toward the edges of the network.
Bandwidth on a SONET ring can be increased greatly by replacing SONET ADMs with DWDM equipment.

In advanced implementation scenarios, DWDM can be used to remove an entire class of equipment, the SONET ADMs. This change allows routers and other devices to bypass SONET equipment and interface directly to DWDM, while simplifying traffic from IP/ATM/SONET to POS to eventually IP directly over the optical layer.


System Features:
40 Channel Platform
Forward Error Correction (FEC)
B1 bit Error Monitoring
Supports C Band and L Band system
Stand alone –DWDM System
OADM functionality
Low power consumption
2R/ 3R Functionality
Flexible networking –Ring, Mesh & point to Point networking
Hot Swapping of cards
Optical Dispersion compensation Module
Redundancy (1+1)
Programmable gains at optical amplifier to meet the actual engineering requirements.
Optical line switching
No Forced cooling required upto 16 channels
SNMP IP based NMS System
Orderwire and Supervisory channel at 1510nm

Modular construction

Power Supply :
-48Vnominal ( -40 to –60VDC)
Reverse polarity protection for the input supply
Over voltage, short circuit, over load Protection for all derived DC voltages

Operating temp : 0°C to 50° C
Relative humidity: 10% to 96%

Network Management system
Fault Management
Configuration Management
Alarm Management
Performance Management
Security Management
Power pre-balance is to adjust the output power of optical transponder unit through NMS
Optical interface parameters such as wavelength of OTU, power, gains of EDFA are remotely controlled
User-friendly GUI (Through NMS) for maintenance during active operation of the system.

Key Specifications
Terminal Capacity: 4/8/16/32/40 ITU_T
Carriers in C-band/L- Band
OADM channels: 4 / 8 / 16 Channels

Interfaces supported:
OC-3/ STM-1, OC-12/ STM-1, OC-48/ STM-1
Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet
Fiber Channel & Double Fiber Channel.

Large capacity internet data links for metropolitan areas
Quasi long-haul & very long-haul transmission links
Optical add/drop configuration
Composite network configuration

Enhance OSNR
Low cost system

Get in touch with us if you require more information about our DWDM Systems 

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