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Application Services Platform

We provide the industry’s broadest run-time functionality and highest level of integration. Our Application Services Platform provides a comprehensive, system-wide software platform for heterogeneous distributed systems that spans the operating system, middleware, database and tools layers, helping enterprises and governments optimize application delivery and operations, simplifying their infrastructure to deliver end-to-end business processes.

The primary target application is high-availability network infrastructure equipment, particularly large heterogeneous distributed systems with hundreds of nodes requiring multiple operating systems, CPUs and DSPs. Our Application Services platform is also ideal for smaller scale distributed systems where high reliability and fast time-to-market are top priorities.



A comprehensive application services platform:
Designed with OS independence and cross platform interoperability
Availability of middleware and fault tolerant database services,
Ability to scale down to DSPs.
Flexible to support multiple operating systems, processors, interconnects, and network topologies in a seamless fashion that is transparent to applications running atop.
Included middleware services to partition, synchronize, and manage complex high-availability applications distributed across multiple processors and operating systems.
Includes an integrated suite of tools for developing, deploying, debugging and upgrading application software.
Includes profiling tools for performance and memory allocation..



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