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BFSI Solutions

Our Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) Group domain and technology consultants build innovative process frameworks, best-practice methodologies and reusable business logic to help clients achieve their business objectives - be it to expand their offerings, to diversify into new businesses and grow through acquisitions and mergers, or if they are forced to deal with changing regulatory and risk environments.

Our associate company in India - United Telecom's BFSI Solution Center is capable of delivering solutions for the Banking, Financial & Insurance space, offering custom engagement models: thus offering a powerful platform to accelerate the implementation and alignment of business objectives with production-ready capabilities and equipped to deliver beyond the promised benefits of outsourcing and offshore development.

The BFSI team understands that the role of information technology today goes far beyond being just a supportive force in achieving business goals in the financial services sector.

Personalized enterprise solutions rapidly built and tailored to unique needs through the use of re-usable components. We offers dynamic solutions, which overcome the problems of limited fit and customization requirements. Thus providing faster deployment, lowers project risk and provides a lower total cost of total solution ownership.

Flexible and personalized to address unique business needs;
Component-based, quick to implement
Scalable in both directions horizontal to cover more of the enterprise; and vertical to support more business processes or higher volumes.

Our BFSI offerings provide the following inherent advantages:
Faster development and delivery
Increased value for customers
Better quality of solutions
Increased productivity
Easier change-on-demand.


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