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"Interim Privacy Policy Notice "  

United Communications Ltd on Privacy

United Communications Ltd was sensitive to the privacy concern of its users well before privacy became the topic of interest that it is today. Years ago, our developer community sensitized us to the needs and desires of users concerning their personally identifiable information. www.united.com.mu, our company website, was one of the early leaders in developing and posting a statement of information practices.

Because of the business-to-business nature of most of United Communications Ltd's interactions, the overwhelming majority of information collected on our website is business contact information obtained through a professional or company-to-company interaction. While this type of business information has not been the focus of recent consumer-oriented privacy efforts, United Communications Ltd believes that there is a need to address privacy issues in this realm as well. In an effort to address those needs, United Communications Ltd has posted privacy statements related to a number of different functions and services available on the website.

As you visit the United Communications Ltd website, you will notice various privacy statements on parts of the site. In developing a comprehensive approach and solution to privacy, we have run into issues of complexity when trying to summarize information practices across the different services and functions offered across the site. Trade Commission requirements of accuracy mandate a need to be precise in disclosure while generally accepted privacy principles agree that notices must be clear, concise and easy to use. We believe that technology can provide part of this solution.

United Communications Ltd is sensitive to the needs of our customers to provide their end users with state of the art technology solutions to both business and policy issues. We are currently developing a policy and technology methodology to allow users to determine their preferences and control their interactions with United Communications Ltd.

The initial steps have already been deployed allowing users to develop and maintain an initial profile, select among online communities and choose from a number of language options. Over time, we plan to allow our customers to configure their relationship and interaction with us by controlling and maintaining detailed preferences.

Please visit this site for further updates on privacy. In the interim, if you would like to find out more information on what United Communications Ltd is doing to develop its privacy policy, or if you would like to provide comments, please contact us.


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