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155.52Mbps - 2.677Gbps ITU-T Grid 640Km Transmitter

Grid Transmitters are designed for use in optical transport and high-speed data communication systems equipped with Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM). The Transmitter features a 1.5 µm EML with an electro absorptive modulator driver. The device is capable of 640km transmission at 2.5 Gb/s in WDM system.


Transmitter supports the I2C or RS232 serial interface to communicate with an upper level controller

Compliant with OC-48/STM-16 (2.5Gb/s)
Long reach up to 360km and 640 km
Electro absorption modulated laser diode
Wavelength range:
1529.16 ~ 1563.86 nm ±15 pm wavelength
stability over operating case temperature
without locker
Fully digitally controlled module with
embedded one-chip µ-controller
Enable / Disable control input
RS232 and I2C serial interface
Automatic optical output power control (APC) and automatic temperature control
Dual power supply, +3.3 V and 5.2 V
Typical power dissipation of this module is 2 W
Interface can be used to control the transmit enable or disable, clock or nonclock
input selection

Inter-office SONET/SDH
Metro and long haul DWDMNetworks
High-speed data communications


Bit rate Upto 2.7 Gbps
Center Wavelength Range ITU-T Standard 1529 to 1565nm
Channel spacing 100 GHz / 50GHz / 25Ghz
Dispersion penalty < 1.9dB@dispersion>12800ps/nm (640Km transmission distance)
Wavelength Accuracy + 18 pm.
Variation in center wavelength (over operating temperature range) + 30 pm.
Variation in center wavelength (EOL) + 0.16nm
Operating case temperature range 0 to 75 degrees
Operating Ambient temperature range 0 to 60 degrees
Power supply Voltage (VCC) +3.3 V
Power supply Voltage (VEE) VEE (Typ.) = - 5.0V; VEE (Min.) = - 5.25V;
VEE (Max.) = - 4.75V
Power supply Current (+3.3V) 810mA max.
Power supply Current (-5.2V) 270mA max.
Power consumption 4.5W(Max.)
Package MSA compliant 24 pin DIP package
Input data / clock level 150mV to 850 mV p-p (differential)
Input impedance 50 ohms
Clock / Data rise & fall time 100 ps.
Average output power -4 to 1 dBm (0dBm typ.)
Output power variation + 0.2 dB
Spectral width (Spectral width) < 0.4 nm
SMSR > 38 dB
Extinction ratio > 8.2 dB
Fiber pigtail 2m SMF (loose tube / tight buffer)
Connector SC / PC

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