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Focus Africa Program : A United AFRICA!


Welcome to Africa, A world to over 770 million people. Here are some statistics you should know about the Africa that we know...

1 in 13 people have a TV  77 million
1 in 30 have a fixed line  25 million
1 in 25 have a GSM line  31 million
1 in 120 have a PC  6.5milion
1 in 130 use the Internet  5.9million
1 in 300 have pay-TV  2.5million

All of the 54 countries & territories in Africa have Internet access in the capital cities.

We are pleased to extend our relationship into Africa to create a 21st Century Network, which can pride at being one of the most advanced telecommunications networks in the world - with the foresight to create a network capable of delivering the most advanced video, voice and data services to businesses and consumers across the African continent.


Focus Africa is a major outreach initiative to increase Internet access and use in developing countries, involving
various rural, community Tele-centers, health and satellite projects.

The Focus Africa initiative is a major step forward for the entire communications industry, and we're proud to play such a role in its creation.

Substantial foreign investment in infrastructure and technology is committed by the program, including contribution from our preferred suppliers, financial institutions and equity investors, significantly contributing to the overall competitiveness and economic health of Africa.

Recognition of the importance of ICTs in accelerating development and international development assistance initiatives have improved the prospects for wider access to information and communication networks across the continent.


The models of infrastructure provision in Africa is quite different to those employed in developed countries because of the generally low income levels, limited formal business activity and the much greater importance of the rural population, where up to 80% of the people may live outside urban areas.

Innovative models will focus on shared infrastructure, public access facilities and the use of intermediaries to interact with the public who may not have functional literacy, let alone be computer literate.

In addressing the rural population issue, technology choice and design options are readily apparent as technologies mature, more important, a re-assessment is needed of the traditionally held view that rural communications services are unprofitable.

Regional collaboration within Africa is an important means of addressing the need for improved ICT infrastructure.

Our Focus Africa program calls for the formulation and development of a Pan-Africa information and communication
infrastructure plan in every African country, driven by national development priorities, and proposes co-operation among African countries to share the success of experiences.



The Focus Africa network vision is about new generation telecommunications networks in which consumers will drive demand for new and innovative video, voice and data services - being the blueprint for future networks, to quickly deliver profitable, new services over a secure IP network, meeting service requirements today and for decades to come.

The impact of Focus Africa will be felt globally through the wide-ranging social and economic benefits that it can help bring - from better public services in government, education and healthcare, to improved global competitiveness for African businesses.

We are delighted to be a part of this transformation, and commit ourselves to work together to develop our vision of the future of IP services

Considerable resources is being directed over the coming years toward supporting access to the Internet in Africa, by both the international community and national


Virtual Universities, Economic Toolkit and Workshops.
Competence Centers - Creating Learning Networks including training colleges to develop literacy in ICT and their use for education.
Connectivity to the Internet providing high speed IP access to Universities across Africa using appropriate and suitable technologies.
Internet access to schools, and community information centers.
Tele-education studios with postproduction facilities, Non-linear editing facility at each of the universities with the appropriate Data centers.
Broaden access outside the capital cities, developing business linkages between intra&extra African businesses.
Programs for technology collaboration.
Rural Telecommunications Field Trial
Strategy for mobilizing private participation for public objectives focus on the rural sector and on information strategies, building infrastructure and applications.
Research, Policy, Planning for building Smart Societies across Africa. Focus on ICT policy implementation at national level.
Metro Area Networks, regulatory strategy, capacity building, funding and information society development to provide digital broadcast, broadband, TV and other media/infotainment services.


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